What We Do

Cloud Storage & Data Warehousing

Cloud Backup

Physical data backup and storage is costly and time-consuming. Our data centre virtualisation packages can provide the infrastructure necessary to automate your corporate backup, keeping your data updated in real-time and safely stored in out data centres throughout the UK.

Data Warehousing

We also offer flexible enterprise data warehousing options, with dynamic storage scaling available to suit any business needs. We offer flexible, dynamic provision contracts to support your expanding business, ranging from a few gigabytes, to hundreds of petabytes and provide regional storage options to further reduce data transfer latency.

Cloud Processing

Netware can provide the raw processing power to conduct in-depth analysis on datasets of any size. This removes the need to purchase expensive hardware, giving you the freedom to scale your processing capacity to fit your needs. We have a suite of SaaS and IaaS tools built around our own platform, which is designed to integrate with most existing commercially available database software.

Real-time Access to Bulk Datasets

With traditional data warehouse solutions, operations on bulk data sets are often calculated overnight due to software and hardware limitations. We can provide real-time answers to your questions, and real-time access to your data. This will allow quick and flexible actions to be taken on developing situations, rather than operating on data that’s 24 hours out of date.

Be assured, Netware Data Services only host data in secure UK data centres, so you can rest assured that your information is safe in our hands.

*NDS offer service level agreements featuring 99.9% server up time and 24-hour response to hardware failure.