What We Do

Customer Insight

Netware Data Services believe that customers lie at the heart of every business.

We can help you utilise the data you already hold to improve your customer engagement/retention processes, and provide ways to refresh your communication strategies.

We can also help capture new information about your customers, and work with you to explore their behaviours to help achieve optimal revenue performance. Some of our core Customer Insight products include:

Customer Stratification and Segmentation

“Who are your customers?”
By breaking your customers down into discrete groups based on demographics, needs or behaviours, you can tailor prices, products and services to specific sub-sets of your client-base. This enables you to target communications designed to retain long-standing clients, whilst upselling and diversifying the services you offer to new or more casual customers.

Propensity Modelling

“Right Customer, right product, right time.”
Predict a customer’s future behaviour based on their previous purchasing patterns helping to increase sales. Improve your stock management chain and increase customer retention and acquisition.

Cross-sell analysis

“What else do your customers want?”
Identify potential future sales markets and products based on existing customer profiles and buying patterns. Bring an intelligent Amazon style cross-sell model to your products or services to increase revenues.

Impact Assessment

“How will your customer react?”
Corporate strategy is often set by expectations of customer reaction, rather than a detailed analysis of their opinions. Assessments can be made based on previous data, and extrapolated forwards to predict outcomes of price and policy change. We can also help target changes to demographic segments, which will best receive them.